13 best travel-size sunscreens of 2022 you need on your next vacation

13 best travel-size sunscreens of 2022 you need on your next vacation

There’s something freeing about breezing through the airport without stopping to check a bag or worrying about waiting around the baggage claim at the other end of your flight. But it’s especially nice when you’re heading off for a quick weekend trip.

Traveling with a carry-on bag does require some forethought and planning to ensure all of your essential items make it across the security checkpoint. Ensuring you have a travel-sized sunscreen is one of the non-negotiables that your future self will thank you for when you come back with a great tan rather than a beet-red burn.

The best sunscreens of 2022

“When you are choosing a sunscreen for your travels, look for benefits and features that will match your level of activity,” suggests Dr. Loretta Ciraldo MD FAAD, a Miami-based board-certified dermatologist. “If you are playing sports, look for sweat-proof. If you are going swimming, look for water resistance. Beyond this, avoid an SPF that has a lot of fragrance in it as this is often a cause for allergic reactions or flare-ups.”

Aside from ensuring the sunscreen you select is suitable for your skin type, the safest sunscreen for your skin is the one that you can commit to using on a daily basis while you are traveling.

“If you don’t love the idea of applying SPF regularly I suggest that you purchase a few different formulas to see which you will like the best in terms of how it spreads and feels on your skin,” adds Dr. Ciraldo. “Sunscreen will only keep our skin safe if we apply it, so spend some time vetting different formulas until you find one you like to apply.”

The best travel-sized sunscreen for you is a very personal decision and depends largely on your specific skin type and the vacation you’re embarking on. That being said, there are a handful of stand-out options that will work well for most skin types and activity levels. Here are some of our favorite travel-sized sunscreens that are TSA-approved and made with skin-friendly ingredients.

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