16 Best (and Worst) Times to Buy Airline Tickets and Fly

16 Best (and Worst) Times to Buy Airline Tickets and Fly


Air travel is more risky and expensive than ever before, with delays, staff shortages, and route mergers now the norm.

By knowing a few general rules and guidelines for how tickets are priced, along with the likelihood of being delayed at different times and days, you can spend less money on flights that are more likely to leave and arrive without any problems.

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1. Most expensive day to fly

Business travelers want to fly on Mondays and Fridays so they can fly home on weekends, so demand is higher on those days.

2. Cheaper days to fly

Wednesdays and Thursdays are the cheapest days to fly during the week, because there is less demand on those days. Business and leisure travelers want to be at their destination on Saturdays and not leave until Sunday, so Saturdays are the cheapest day to fly.

3. Most expensive time to fly

The most expensive time to fly is in the middle of the day. Travelers don’t want to have to wake up early and fight rush hour traffic to the airport and they don’t want to arrive late at night.

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4. Cheaper times to fly

The cheapest flights are early-morning and late-night flights, because they are not in demand. Some travelers love flying red-eyes because they can sleep during the flight and not waste time on the road. Red-eyes are a cheaper choice because this isn’t a majority opinion.

5. Most expensive times of year to fly

holidays without a lot of wiggle room for scheduling events are the most expensive times of the year. Thanksgiving weekend is the worst time to fly in the United States, followed by the Super Bowl.

The days around Christmas and Easter are not good for flights. The year-end holidays have the added problem of weather that can cause delays, equipment issues, and other problems.

6. Cheapest time of year: Shoulder season

The week or two between the switch from peak season to off-season is known as the shoulder season. It’s a big reason demand is down during shoulder season when kids are starting or finishing school.

Families can’t travel for leisure when parents schedule business trips. Prices are brought down as a result of that decreasing demand.

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7. Cheapest time of year: Off-season

The cheapest time to fly is off-season. It is always cheaper to go to a ski resort during the summer. It is cheaper to go to the beach when it is warm and sunny.

The destinations that rely on tourism to support the local economy have created other things to do during their off-seasons so you can still have a great vacation.

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8. Most delayed day to fly

Friday is the worst day for delays. Almost a third of flights on Fridays go out late.

9. On-time days to fly

Saturday flights tend to be on time because there are fewer travelers on Saturdays and there are more business travelers on Saturdays.

10. Most delayed time of day to fly

The most delayed flights are in the evening at 6 p.m.

Delays from earlier in the day have snowballed, and there are so many flights scheduled for this time of day that delays can cause more delays on runways and gates.

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11. On-time times of day to fly

If flights are scheduled to leave between 6 and 10 a.m., they are more likely to be on time.

12. Most delayed time of year to fly

When the weather is bad in the airline system, it is the most delayed time of year. It is more likely that flights from Chicago to Paris will be delayed in January. That’s right.

A flight from Dallas to Miami is also a flight. What is it? If the weather is bad in the system, the equipment and staff can be stuck.

In winter, flights are more likely to be delayed than in summer.

Some airports have more delays than others all year long. The international and domestic lists of delays have Jakarta and Newark at the top.

13. On-time times of year to fly

The time of year with the most on-time flights is when the temperature in your departure and arrival destinations is clear and moderate. It means May, June, September and October for domestic flights.

14. Worst overall time to fly: U.S.

Thanksgiving weekend is the worst time to fly in the us. On routes that can be frozen or hit with a blizzard, the delays are compounded because the airport may be hard for pilots and flight attendants to get to.

You will probably wait if your flight is after 6 pm. If the airline doesn’t have another flight on your route that day, you’ll wait.

15. Worst overall time to fly: International

The worst time to fly internationally is when the residents of the country are on holiday or have other obligations and the weather can cause delays and equipment problems.

The whole of Europe is on vacation during the month of August, which makes it difficult for Americans to fly to Europe in August. Accommodations and activities at the destination can be affected by the resources that are stretched tight for travelers.

Hurricane season in August and September in the Caribbean is the same as the other times of the year, such as the holy month of Ramadan for mostly Muslim countries.

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16. Best overall time to fly

If you don’t have to be there at a specific time, the best time to fly is at any time of the day. If you give up your seat on an airplane, you may be able to get a voucher or cash from the airline.

On a day with clear, good weather that isn’t too hot, you won’t have to suffer through turbulence. Flying off-season can increase your chances of having a smooth flight.

Bottom line

The best way to plan a trip that involves air travel is to be flexible about when you can fly, build in enough time so that you don’t ruin your trip, and buy your tickets on a Tuesday around six weeks out from the trip.

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Flying airlines with more flights to your destination and a better record of making up for delayed flights will decrease the chance that you will be stuck without recourse or delayed longer than necessary.

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