Air Canada traveller hasn't received lost luggage 15 days into vacation

Ty Jadah

After an Air Canada traveller lost her luggage, she had to buy a new wardrobe, makeup, and other items.

Two weeks ago, Harito flew from her hometown of Toronto to London and then on to Montreal.

In the 15 days since the start of her vacation, the Communications and PR Specialist at Boulevard of Dreams has had to buy everything from scratch after Air Canada lost her belongings.

Harito told Daily Hive that Air Canada put her luggage on a flight that left for London 30 minutes after her own flight left Montreal.

When she arrived at the airport, she checked the conveyor belt for her luggage but didn’t know her bag was on a separate flight. My bag was not the only one that didn’t make it. Most of the people on the flight didn’t have their bags. The lost luggage service told me my bag was at the terminal, but they couldn’t find it.

Harito hasn’t gotten an update from Air Canada in 15 days. She says she spent over two hours on the phone trying to reach a customer service rep but the airline isn’t even picking up calls due to a high volume of travellers with lost luggage.

She says she found an email from Air Canada’s VP of Customer Service and sent him a plea for help.

After a week, Harito went back to the luggage terminal and searched for her belongings for two hours, but couldn’t find them. There are thousands of bags waiting to be processed at the airport. She says she has spent hours buying new possessions and that it has been a waste of time trying to recover her lost luggage, and that there is no guarantee that Air Canada will compensate her for all of this.

If you need a physical view into the chaos that Harito is dealing with, a traveller’s video of the luggage log jam at Heathrow went viral over the weekend.

@huyayyy happy travels ✨ #fyp #heathrowairport #flightdelayed #hotgirtbummer ♬ pass the dutchie sped up – vevonix

The Torontonian bought new makeup, pyjamas, carry cases, skincare products, socks, and even shoes to make up for the lost items. She says she has had to buy it again.

Air Canada must compensate the traveller if their luggage accounts for more than $2,300. The contents in her lost luggage are worth thousands of dollars. The traveller says the cost of lost luggage and having to buy new luggage amounted to a very expensive trip with no finale.

She says that Air Canada allows you to submit compensation requests through the airline, but you can’t do it until you get your bags. I don’t know when I’ll get my bag back, and I can’t get compensated until I do.

Daily Hive reached out to Air Canada for more information about its compensation policy in hopes that Harito and thousands of other travellers can get answers.