a creator-first travel commerce platform is driving the change in the travel-tech ecosystem a creator-first travel commerce platform is driving the change in the travel-tech ecosystem

In a world that was paused by the Pandemic, travel came to a halt and passports were collecting dust. Travel-starved young people locked in their homes looked at their screens and reminisced about their old trips and longing to create new ones. The travel hiatus was a huge blow to the industry, but it gave us a chance to make needed changes. Ripe for disruption, the travel industry was ready to take the lead in driving social commerce. It is possible to transform the travel experience of 4.5 billion social media natives by using the power of content and the voice of content creators.

In the midst of a mortal epidemic, is venturing into the world of social travel. is the world’s first creator-first travel commerce platform. A new way of discovering, planning and sharing travel experiences can be found on the travel tech platform. is offering content creators and travel enthusiasts a one-stop platform to publish and book travel experiences and make a living out of travelling.

One-stop platform for everything.

The amount of hours travellers have to spend researching, planning and booking a trip is well known. The 21 st century traveller first explores destinations on social media, looks for suitable itineraries on travel blogs, and then checks the best deals for hotels and flights with a host of service providers and Online Travel Agencies. Taking the headaches away from travel booking, has built a unified platform where travellers can discover destinations, select itineraries and book travel experiences recommended by influential people. makes it possible for creators to make travel content in their personal studios. Content creators can reuse their travel stories from their social media handles with user-friendly technologies. By using’s innovative technologies, creators can make money from their travel content. The travel tech startup gives travellers a white-glove experience before and after their travels, by offering them a unified avenue for exploring, booking, creating and earning. Travel enthusiasts can be just a click away from the vacation of their dreams.

It is possible to make money from travel content.

On the surface, appears to be a personal space to publish travel stories that inspire travel enthusiasts worldwide to book their own travel experiences. The travel content creators are rewarded for the bookings they influence. It is believed to be the world’s first platform where part of its revenue is shared with content creators. The travel tech startup is based on a unique business model that allows travel content creators to put away money for their next trip while they are on the current trip. helps people as well as boost the creator economy by reviving the travel industry. The creator-first travel commerce platform was founded on the ideology of ‘by the people, for the people’.

Content creators are left to compete for a finite number of brand sponsorship deals if no platform rewards them for the bookings they influence. With the launch of Alike we have made an ambitious commitment to correct this wrong by making tens of thousands of vetted and bookable travel experiences available to the content creators, and giving them a share of the booked experiences revenue.

There are eyes looking at the horizon. was launched in collaboration with the Department of Economy and Tourism of the city of D.C. In order to introduce social travel to the world, the creator-first travel commerce platform plans to enter India, Europe and the Middle East. The platform wants to increase its presence in key markets of Far East Asia. In a short period of time, the startup has partnerships with over 12,000 suppliers across 200 destinations, and it is well poised to create a mutually-beneficial ecosystem that thrives on the power of partnership and innovation.