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The above prices are only approximate and were last updated in 2020. Prices may vary based on the booking dates, length of rental, and car class.

Travel Information


Traffic direction


Speed limit out of town
80 km/h  – 50 mi/h

Country code

Speed limit within town
50 km/h – 31 mi/h

Average car rental length
5 days

Acceptable limit of BAC

Car rental price
$40.72 / per day


Why rent a car in France?

France is a great country to explore by car. From its capital, Paris, to other historic cities, the Atlantic coast in the west, the Mediterranean Sea in the southwest, and the Alps from the west, you could explore it for weeks or months without becoming bored.

Driving in France

One-way Car Rentals in France

Here are the most popular one-way rental options for pickup in France and drop off in another country:

  • From France to Italy – 366 offers from 431.25 USD per day
  • From France to Spain – 260 offers from 111.13 USD per day
  • From France to Germany – 285 offers from 77.34 USD per day
  • From France to Switzerland – 81 offers from 84.09 USD per day
  • From France to Netherlands – 48 offers from 197.54 USD per day
Driving in France

Top cities and places to visit in France

Paris: The Eiffel Tower, Champs-Élysées, and the Notre Dame Cathedral are Merely Some of the world-famous landmarks and sites of All Paris.

Cote d’Azur: Relaxed and scenic, this coastal retreat across the Mediterranean is the best place to enjoy life.

The Alps: France’s high mountains offer stunning landscapes and opportunities for winter while valley cities such as Chambery are being one of the very picturesque there are anywhere in Europe.

Southwest France: From winemaking, Bordeaux to surfing paradise in Biarritz and the foothills of Pyrenees, this part of France is just as captivating as a number of the very famous destinations.

Brittany: Home into a proud regional culture and beautiful Atlantic beaches, Brittany is one of the calmest and coziest places in every of the land.

Dijon: The capital of Burgundy is roughly 340 km southeast of Paris. Dijon is really just a fantastic spot to visit for a day or 2 having its relaxing historical center. Visitors should also make sure you try the Burgundy wine.

Top driving routes in France


Paris – Brussels (325 kilometers / 202 mi)

Brussels, the capital of the European Union (EU), can be reached in less than four hours, and other Belgian cities such as Antwerp and Ghent are only a bit further. Be aware you’ll have to cross a boundary, so consult your automobile leasing provider first to ensure it is allowed by them.


Fine – Milan (3 17 km / 197 mi)

The Italian metropolis is at the foothills of the Alps, however, you can get it by the Mediterranean Coast in only four hours. In addition, it is likely to pay a visit to Monaco along the way. Be aware it to stop by Milan from Nice (or viceversa ) you’ll have to cross a national boundary, therefore check with your car rental provider first to make sure they allow it.


Marseille – Barcelona (507 km / 315 mi)

These cities of France and Spain are five hours apart, though you might choose to learn more about the nature reservations and also the Costa Brava beaches in route. Be aware that you’ll need to cross a national boundary, so check with your automobile leasing provider first to make sure it is allowed by them.

Which is the cheapest month to rent a car in France?

The cost of renting a car in France depends on the time of year. This graph compares price changes from month to month in order to find the best offer.


The cheapest month of the year to rent a car in France is November — prices start from $40.10 for an Economy class vehicle. This is 28% cheaper than the yearly average and 48% cheaper than renting a car in the month of July (when prices start at $77.04 for a Compact class). This information can help you identify the low season. But these are only average numbers. The exact price for your trip will depend on the length of your rental and the number of days until your rental period begins. Just enter your dates in the form at the top of the page to see exact prices and offers.

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