Cheaper To Fly Or Drive This Summer? This New Calculator Will Tell You

Cheaper To Fly Or Drive This Summer? This New Calculator Will Tell You

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Last updated about 9 hours ago.

With the price of international travel soaring to scary new heights, many travelers across the US are turning to domestic staycations in order to save more than just a few dollars. Even though you are traveling domestic, it doesn’t always make it easier or cheaper to book a vacation, with travelers still faced with daunting levels of planning and preparation, not least calculating whether or not it is cheaper to travel in the air or on the asphalt.

Kayak has a tool on its website that will help travelers figure out whether or not it is cheaper to fly to their destination or drive there this summer. There is a look at Kayak’s trip calculator feature, including how it works and what else it can offer those looking to get away.

Kayak’s New Trip Calculator – What Travelers Should Know

The easing of Pandemic-related entry restrictions around the world gave travelers one less task as part of their pre- travel checklist, but the sharp rise in both flight prices and hotel stays around the world means that travelers are having to pay close attention to budgets and finances before taking a trip Thankfully, the travel industry is creative in coming up with traveler oriented solutions, and Kayak’s new trip calculator is one that could help American travelers save cash this summer.

To use the trip calculator, you need to enter your origin and destination, select whether it is a one way trip or a round trip, choose the number of travelers, and click on the search icon. When generating the search results, it offers more than the estimated flight cost, but also information about driving between the two destinations, as well as its recommendation on which method to use.

The total estimated price for flights between New York City and Jacksonville, Florida is $494 and it has a link to search for flights. A trip in a car with a round-trip road time of just over 30 hours and 89 gallons of fuel will cost $462 dollars, according to a calculator. The recommendation to drive is highlighted by the $32 saving it will generate.

The trip calculator has everything you need to book the trip there. Underneath the costs of traveling and the calculator’s recommendations, it also provides the prices of rental cars in the traveler’s place of origin if they don’t want to put wear and tear on their own wheels. It also offers hotel deals for travelers, as well as the latest restaurant deals and promotions, which are provided by OpenTable.

Happy Family In Hotel Room

In order to provide the figures for the air travel and road estimates, Kayak draws values from searches on the platform in the past. For flights, it analyzes searches conducted across Kayak domains in the last two years, including both direct and indirect connections, and for cars the fuel cost is updated weekly and an average fuel consumption rate was used. The place of origin is taken into account when analyzing searches for car rentals. Travelers can use the figures as a good estimate.

Gasoline Fuel Being Pumped Into Car, Road Trip Concept

A number of travel guides designed to make the journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible are offered by the trip calculator. These include.

  • Best road trip cars
  • Road trip hacks
  • Best family road trip
  • Best couples road trip games
  • Best road trip snacks
  • Road trips with dogs

The road trip could become the highlight of the trip with the help of these guides and the knowledge that you can save a few bucks.

Where To Find The Trip Calculator

Kayak has a Summer Trip Calculator that travelers can use to compare their flight and road trip costs.

family of 4 packing up the car for a summer road trip

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