Fuel price hikes change vacation plans

Fuel price hikes change vacation plans

vacation plans are affected by fuel price hikes.

Travel specialists said this week that residents in the area have scaled back on car trips for vacations because of the spike in gasoline prices.

Pat Garlock, vice president of the Findlay Region ofAAA, said auto travel counselors have seen a 15% decrease in car travel planning this year.

Demand for auto trip planning has decreased as gas prices have risen. We have had members call in to let us know that they have decided to stay local until gas prices come down, as soon as local prices started reaching the $5 mark.

She said that if they travel by car, a lot of them are staying local in Ohio.

Residents in the area seem to be more affected by higher fuel prices than the rest of the nation.

The number of people who will travel 50 miles or more from home over the holiday weekend of June 30 through July 4 has increased over the last two years. Before the fuel price spike and the COVID-19 Pandemic, travel volumes would be just shy of what they are in 2019.

Car travel will set a new record despite high gas prices, with 42 million people hitting the road, according to Paula Twidale, senior vice president.

The good news for local hotels and restaurants is that area residents have trimmed their travel plans.

At this point, we haven’t seen a drop off in tourism. She said the summer is busy with softball and baseball tournaments for kids. People aren’t willing to cancel those booked.

There is a lot of tournament action at Marathon Diamonds.

Out-of-towners are turning tournament stays into vacations. They find more things to do in the area while here.

People who hit the road seem to take trips closer to their homes.

People have become more regional travelers.

Out-of-towners are not booking hotels as far in advance as they used to.

She said that they might be waiting to see if gas prices fall before committing to that trip. If the price of gas continues to go up, we will see the impact locally.

Tourists seem to benefit from high gasoline prices.

People are staying closer to home, coming into smaller communities and having more local experiences. It has been helpful for us. We will accept it.

Airfare has gone up with the price of fuel, but more stable prices are available for charter flights to popular destinations. The Dominican Republic and the Riviera Maya area in Mexico are two popular destinations for charter flights.

Suppliers bought up all the seats on some airlines so that they could charter flights to popular destinations before fuel prices went up. There was a plan to have the fares on the flights lower.

People who are thinking of going to Florida are taking advantage of the charter flights that have a little bit more stability on the airfare.

We have them all the way into the year of 2023. She said that they haven’t seen the prices on those packages fluctuate as much as they have seen airfare.