Stanley Tucci Wants to Give You $10,000 to Vacation Like an Italian This Summer

Stanley Tucci Wants to Give You $10,000 to Vacation Like an Italian This Summer

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Stanley Tucci thinks you should enjoy the summer like an Italian. He’s willing to give you $10,000 to do that.

The actor, host, and avid traveler is known for his love of the European nation and his ancestral homeland. He’s dropped two seasons of his acclaimed show, ” Searching for Italy”, which is a true love letter by the Italophile, and is partnering with one of the county’s most celebrated brands, San Pellegrino, to bring that Mediterranean magic to the area.

In February, Pellegrino and Tucci announced a multi-year partnership that aims to help fans to slow down and “savor life’s perfect moments.” The “S.Pellegrino Summer” will give one lucky winner $10,000 so that they can take off enough time to match their European counterparts.

Tucci told Travel + Leisure that it’s crucial that we take as much time as we can. Tucci suggests traveling as much as possible on the time off.

It just broadens everything. Tucci said that the importance of travel broadens one’s perspective. It makes your life more enjoyable. It makes your life a lot better.

Tucci thinks these are more than just platitudes.

I’m not a person who traveled as a child. We spent a year in Italy. When his grandparents moved from Italy to the United States, they put down roots, and never wanted to leave.

Tucci told T+L that when he was just 12 years old, the family packed up for a trip to the motherland, and that changed everything for him. He went back to Italy at 18 because he felt a pull. I was determined to go back. I didn’t understand why. He said he felt so at ease when he returned. I went to Paris then. I flew to Austria. I went to France to visit family. I went to England and to Italy.

He has continued since. He finds Italy to be the most magical of all, especially in the warmer season.

The spirit of summer comes alive in the simplest things in Italy. Tucci said that his favorite drink, S.Pellegrino,fits naturally into those moments. Italians enjoy an extended summer holiday even though they are divided on the best dish. This creates a strong sense of community. I hope our celebration of this time-honored tradition encourages Americans to try it.

Fans can enter for a chance to win the “S.Pellegrino Summer” and live as an Italian. Now through June 27, 2022, enter. A summer’s supply of S.Pellegrino and S.Pellegrino Essenza will be given to the grand prize winner as well as a $10,000 cash prize. The summer’s supply of S.Pellegrino and S.Pellegrino Essenza will be given to ten first prize winners.

Even if you don’t win, Tucci wants you to find a little time off just for you, even if it means an Italian-inspired staycation in your backyard. He said travel made him mature. I don’t know what to say. I became different after that first trip. I always learned something when I traveled. I believe travel can help you become a better person.

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