This Traveler Found Peace & Serenity in St. Martin

This Traveler Found Peace & Serenity in St. Martin

After a high-energy, highly extroverted birthday party experience in 2021,Kristen Crawford decided she wanted to just chill. For a long time, her birthday was an over-the-top affair filled with excursions, lavish events and raw adventure. It was different this year.

Crawford said that he just wanted to chill. I want to clear my mind and slow down because I live in New York and everything is fast. It is always exciting here. I wanted to have something different of all of that.

Crawford’s girlfriend began planning the trip as she was Zen and relaxation. Initially, they were going to visit the island for her birthday. They ended up in a sunnier destination because of confusion over travel insurance and vaccine status.

Photo Courtesy of Kristen Crawford.

Crawford and her partner had a life-changing vacation that brought them face to face with peace and serenity, despite the white sand beaches of St. Martin being their second choice. Crawford had always had a fascination with learning about other Caribbean cultures and was drawn to the small island because of its abundance of beaches and crystal blue water.

Even though we all share the same culture, she takes a liking to Caribbean culture. I like to visit other Caribbean cultures because I feel a sense of belonging to them.

St. Martin is a kingdom of the Netherlands that has two parts. St. Martin has one side ruled by the Dutch and the other by the French, making it a melting pot of people, culture, and collective experiences. The island is a popular destination for tourists looking for exotic beach resorts and also for formerpats from around the world.

Photo Courtesy of Kristen Crawford.

The couple visited the island for eight days. They stayed in an apartment on the French side of town that had a patio with a view of the beach and they spent their early hours watching morning light cascade over the white sand. Crawford and his partner mapped out their entire stay at the forefront. Mullet Bay Beach was Crawford’s favorite beach because he visited it every day.

She said that the water was perfect and the beaches were beautiful, but she didn’t know if it had to do with layout.

At Mullet Bay, the couple met a local who gave them a list of the best beaches on the island. They went to Maho Beach, which borders the airport, and sat on the shore as the planes came in. Crawford was given a massage by a local massage therapist as he watched the waves at the beach. Crawford was getting her hair braided and the male therapist was massaging her head after the massage.

Photo Courtesy of Kristen Crawford.

She said that she was at her peak relaxation. It felt like this was what I wanted and it was right here.

Crawford was very intentional about what she wanted for her birthday in St. Martin. She needed physical and emotional rest because of her fast-paced lifestyle in New York. The couple avoided trips. They visited Pinel Island, ate on a dinner cruise, and enjoyed some of St. Martin’s nightlife spots. Two ladies danced into the evening at District 721, a two-part club with go-go dancers and an eclectic, diverse crowd, on Sunday, the hottest night for club hopping on the island. The clubs were filled with people from all over the world, but Crawford said the energy was welcoming and inclusive.

She said that everyone is welcoming and that made her feel like she can belong. I was treated like royalty there by complete strangers.

Photo Courtesy of Kristen Crawford.

Crawford has been rejuvenated since she returned from St. Martin. The trip gave her that feel good energy that she was looking for. She believes she left a piece of herself behind on the island after seeing the beautiful people and culture of St. Martin.

When I got back to my hustle and bustle, I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed anymore because it gave me that slice of relaxation that I needed and deserved.

Crawford left St. Martin having learned how to slow down and take it easy. Traveling to the Caribbean island helped her rediscover an essence she had lost in herself and it brought her back to her happy feelings.

She said life has a way of making you desensitized but going on vacation makes you feel alive.