U.S. Lifts Testing Rule But Now The Price Of Travel Is Sky Rocketing

U.S. Lifts Testing Rule But Now The Price Of Travel Is Sky Rocketing

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Last updated at 10 hours ago.

After months of being pressured to drop the test requirement for incoming travelers, the Biden Administration finally scrapped the rule allowing both returning Americans and tourists to enter the country testing-free. There is a huge downside to American travelers despite the exciting news.

Male Traveler Upset At The Airport After Having His Flight Delayed Or Cancelled, Travel Disruption Concept

Prior to the announcement, millions of Americans were avoiding international trips out of fear that they would be tested positive and have to remain abroad indefinitely. Summer travel demand is already pushing up prices, at a time when the requirement for summer travel has been abolished.

If you are one of the people who have been waiting for the test rule to be removed, you should take the recent news with a pinch of salt: travel is about to get even more expensive than it used to be. Here’s why.

Traveler Booking A Flight On A Computer While Holding Up A Credit Card, Flight Booking Concept

The Travel Industry May Not Be Prepared To Face An Expected Surge In Bookings

In an independent survey conducted earlier this year, more than half of American respondents stated that they would be more likely to travel internationally if pre-departure testing was abolished. The majority of U.S. citizens were waiting for the rules to be loosened so they could travel again.

The U.S. Government had been pressured by the travel industry to remove pre-departure testing. After two and half years of endless Covid restrictions and restrictive mandates, it was only thing standing in the way of a travel recovery. Americans no longer have to worry about testing when flying to their own country.

Chicago O Hare International Airport B Gates, Chicago, United States

We now have a bigger problem at hand, which is that people will swarm into international airports when demand is already high. The drop of the test rule can only add to the problem, as airports are struggling to cope with a rising demand due to staff shortages.

The industry as a whole may not be prepared for the massive travel surge now that pre-departure testing is gone, as more Americans try and make up for lost time joining the vengeance vacation trend. Americans used to face long lines at airports in the United States and Europe.

Long Wait Line At Airport Check In Counter

In some places, showing up early to the airport doesn’t guarantee boarding, because of the dire situation. Mina Agnos is the president of Travelive and she paints a gloomy picture. The recent move by the U.S. will result in more limited availability and higher prices in the hotel sector.

The Travelive president states that Europe is going to be flooded with American travelers now that they are no longer required to undergo testing before flying home. Agnos commented that hotel availability was already very tight prior to last week’s update, and Travelive is a Florida-based agency specialized in travel to Greece.

Maid Tidying Bedsheets In A Hotel Room

It is possible that there will be a record number of flights connecting the U.S. and Greece, and a number of other European destinations, but this doesn’t mean it will be any easier to travel abroad in 2022, at least when it comes to budgets. airline tickets are up 25% according to data published by the Economic Research.

Agnos warned travelers that Greek and European vacations could turn messy this year, and urged them to start planning their trips immediately. The Mediterranean country was the 30th in the world to remove entry restrictions, making it an easy pick for sunseekers.

Sandy Beach In The Island Of Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

It is too early to say how the lifting of the test rule will affect airfare costs and hotel availability, but it is safe to say that it will be a rough travel season. As more people look to Europe and beyond, we could easily see airlines raise fares, especially during the peak summer season, as stated by Kyle Potter, a specialist in flight deals writing.

Travelers are advised to be patient when they travel internationally in the coming weeks because of staff shortages. Seeing that a majority of the American public postponed their travel plans until rules on traveling back to the States were loosened, and are now set to take to the skies, travel disruption related to staffing constraints could get a lot worse

American Traveler Booking A Flight Ticket Or Hotel While Holding A U.S. American Passport Ahead Of International Travel

What About Those Traveling Domestically?

In Miami, where demand is through the roof, hotel prices have shot up by more than 50% compared to their pre-pandemic rates, and other popular domestic summer destinations like the Hamptons and Nantucket also experienced similar surge in prices. Over the summer travel plans of many people, the cost of overnight stays is rising too.

Busy Beach In Maya Bay In Phi Phi Ley, Thailand

Those who have given up on flying this season due to the high costs of airfare and hotels will feel the pinch. Recharging a car is getting more and more expensive because of the long-term economic consequences of the Covid epidemic.

If you are flying abroad now that pre-departure tests are no longer required, make sure you check the entry requirements at your destination, as they may have different rules. If you’re going to leave the U.S. this summer, we encourage you to get insurance for travel disruption because airports are facing severe staff shortages.

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