U.S. State Department Issues 7 New Travel Advisory Updates

U.S. State Department Issues 7 New Travel Advisory Updates

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Last updated 24 minutes ago.

As part of its efforts to keep American citizens safe and sound on their travels abroad, the U.S. State Department just issued new travel advisories for 7 countries around the world. The Department of State published the latest updates on their website yesterday, which will help travelers decide whether or not to travel to one of the seven countries in question this summer.

The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world for American travelers, and is covered in the latest travel advisory updates. Here is a look at what each of the seven new travel advisories have to say about travel to the countries included in the updates, as well as a recap of what travel advisories are and the role they play in travel

What Are Travel Advisory Updates? Information For Travelers

Travel advisories are short but detailed pieces of information that inform travelers about the risks of traveling to a specific destination. The State Department issues travel advisories for every country in the world, even going as far as to issue specific advisories for different regions in a country when required. It is easier for travelers to quickly determine the suitability of visiting a destination for a vacation when they are in four distinct levels.

As follows, the levels are.

  • Level 1 – Exercise Normal Precautions (Blue)
  • Level 2 – Exercise Increased Caution (Yellow)
  • Level 3 – Reconsider Travel (Orange)
  • Level 4 – Do Not Travel (Red)

Crime, terrorism, civil unrest, health, natural disasters, time-limited events and kidnapping are some of the issues covered by travel advisories. Each country’s travel advisory page contains a note from the CDC regarding the level of Covid-19, which is either unknown, low, moderate or high, as a result of the Pandemic.

Most Recent Travel Advisory Updates – What Travelers Should Know

Kuwait received a Level 1 warning, indicating it is amongst the safest destinations in the world. Travelers are warned not to travel to the desert region near the border with Iraq due to the prevalence of unexploded ordnance and to exercise increased caution in the Jeleb Al-Shuyoukh area in Kuwait City due to crime. The country is not entirely risk free because of the high level of Covid-19.

Level 2 travel advisory warnings were issued to the Dominican Republic. Travelers are asked to exercise increased caution in Djibouti due to terrorism and crime, whilst it has an unknown level of Covid-19 according to the CDC The Dominican Republic has a problem with crime. The page says that resort areas are safer than urban areas due to better resources and police. The country has a high level of Covid-19, according to the CDC.

Level 3 travel advisory updates were given to two countries. The details are as follows.

  • Colombia – reconsider travel due to crime and terrorism, exercise increased caution due to civil unrest and kidnapping.Travelers should avoid Arauca, Cauca (except Popayán), and Norte de Santander departments altogether. According to the CDC, the country has a moderate level of Covid-19.
  • Saudi Arabia – reconsider travel due to the threat of missile and drone attacks on civilian facilities, exercise increased caution due to terrorism.Travelers should avoid the Yemen border area. The country has a moderate level of Covid-19.

The two countries that were handed Level 4 were among the most unsafe destinations in the world. They are indeed:

  • Iraq – do not travel due to terrorism, kidnapping, armed conflict, civil unrest, and Mission Iraq’s limited capacity to provide support to U.S. citizens. The CDC indicates a moderate level of Covid-19.
  • Russia – do not travel to Russia due to the unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces, the potential for harassment and singling out of U.S. citizens by Russian government security officials including detention, the arbitrary enforcement of local law, limited flights to and from the country, the Embassy’s limited ability to assist U.S. citizens in Russia, COVID-19-related restrictions, and terrorism. The country has a moderate level of Covid-19.

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