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Take an exclusive helicopter ride in Singapore.

SINGAPORE FROM ABOVE — the futuristic city of Singapore keeps enticing us over and again. The buildings of the supertrees from the Gardens by the Bay or the Marina Bay Sands Hotel throw a spell .

Join us on our adventure in 4K and detect Singapore from a very different perspective.

Lunch Time

Enjoy traditional food in Singapore.

Green Chilli Prawn Sambal

Get a fantastic recipe here and watch the video on how to cook it.

Green Chilli Prawn Sambal


Tour of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Take a full tour of the fantastic Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore including the spectacular rooftop pool.

Stroll down Orchard Road

We have been around Orchard Road the Singapore shopping street. This is just a Singapore attraction not to be overlooked filled with shops, shopping centers, stores shops with luxury goods and shops catering to people with a decrease budget. Whether you are for to see the sights or shopping in Singapore, Orchard Road should undoubtedly be on a record of Top Singapore attractions to visit.l.


People watching and shopping at Orchard Road

Walking Down The Most Popular Road In Singapore, Orchard Road at night. Sit back and relax as the evening lights up.

Dining in Singapore

Here are the 28 best and must-go restaurants in Singapore.

It’s your choice now….

Singapore Dining


Singapore Clarke quay

Close the day with a few drinks at the famous Clarke Quay.

Singapore Sling

The cocktail you simply have to drink while in Singapore. Here is an easy receipt of the original Singapore Gin Sling from the Raffles Hotel.

Singapore Sling

Here are more suggestions for an unforgettable time in Singapore