Volaris Costa Rica expands presence in South America and lands in Colombia

Volaris Costa Rica expands presence in South America and lands in Colombia

Volaris Costa Rica, the national flag ultra-low-cost airline, inaugurated its new route San Jose, Costa Rica, with which it adds eight destination countries, expanding its presence inSouth America.

With the opening of Volaris Costa Rica in Bogot, the air bridges between Central and South America were strengthened to increase the flow of passengers in the region.

This new route will allow for the development of the travel and tourism sector in Costa Rica and Colombia, which are the first places in Latin America in ecological tourism activities.

“Since our start of operations in 2016, we have encouraged more people to fly thanks to our particular ‘à la carte’, in which each client chooses their travel choices. With the new way of traveling at the lowest cost, we bring more and more loved ones closer and eliminate borders, making air transport a commodity instead of a luxury. We are convinced that the arrival of Volaris Costa Rica in Colombia represents the establishment of the air bridge

essential to strengthen tourism, investment and the economies of both countries,” commented Ronny Rodríguez, CEO of Volaris Central America.

A new way of traveling in which tourists spend less on flights and more on destinations is defined by Volaris Costa Rica, which is the only ultra-low-cost airline that connects both destinations. Revenge tourism is used by people who want to make up for lost time due to the Pandemic and the workstation.

As administrator of the Juan Santamara (San Jose) International Airport,AERIS celebrates the expansion of Volaris Costa Rica as well as the range of options it offers passengers at competitive costs for business and tourism trips. The coordination between us and theICT for the benefit of the growth of the sector is an example of this.

Costa Rica’s tourism is an economic activity that creates jobs. As Costa Rica’s national flag carrier, Volaris Costa Rica will continue to contribute to the sector’s participation in GDP.

Colombia is important both in international tourist arrivals and in connections to the south, favoring air operations, vacation tourism, business and visits from family and friends At a time when Costa Rica’s economy requires the injection of healthy income to improve the well-being of all populations, the new connection with the El Dorado airport in Bogot will improve the arrival of tourists to Costa Rica.

The flights leave San Jose at 09:34 am and arrive in Bogot at 12:45 pm on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The return flight leaves Bogota at 1:45 pm and arrives in San Jose at 2:43 pm.

San Jose is an hour ahead of time.

The Civil Aviation in Costa Rica granted permission for the low-cost airline to fly between the Juan Santamara or San Jose airport and Bogot. The data on the procedures was published in the country.

17 February 2021


The ultra-low-cost airline is going to open direct flights to South America from Costa Rica in 2019. The new business manager of the airline for Central America was announced.

16 November 2018

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Frontier Airlines could be adding more destinations in Mexico and Central America. The ultra-low-fare airline Frontier and the ultra-low-cost airline Volaris signed a codeshare agreement Tuesday. Volaris jets could be used to ferry Frontier passengers to destinations such as Mexico City.

19 January 2018

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